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Upcoming Events

Pokémon Card Trading Day

13 Apr 2024

We've partnered up with the wonderful folks at Into The Poké-Abyss to bring you a Pokémon Card Trading Day here at the Café! Bring your collection of spares and rares to show off or trade with fellow Pokémon masters in Norwich City Centre. We'll also have a small selection of dedicated traders stationed in the café, ensuring that you'll have people to trade with the entire event!

Albion Pokémon Masters!

13 Apr 2024

A Brand New Pokémon adventure awaits!

Come and take part in the Albion Games Café's first major Pokémon event! Take part in two distinct tournament formats catering to both competitive and casual players of the game!

BIG One Stock Left: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament!

20 Apr 2024

It's even LARGER now!

BIG One Stock Left is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament taking place every other Saturday, with a 48-man group stage into a final bracket with £200 in prize money to be won!

Nintendo Norwich Community Meet

26 Apr 2024

Nintendo Norwich's regular community group meet! Come and find your local Nintendo community group, free to attend with any café purchase!

One Round Left: Tekken 8 Tournament

27 Apr 2024

We're back with another one of our regular fighting game events! This time for the newly released Tekken 8! Sign up in advance on our event page and become Norfolk's King of Iron Fist!

Mystery Game Night 4!

27 Apr 2024

Welcome to our MYSTERY GAME NIGHT: The tournament where no-one knows what the game will be until right before they start!

Will it be a game you're good at?
A game you're bad at?
A game only your mum's heard of?
Who knows!
Only way to find out is to enter!

Norwich Amiga Group Monthly Meetup

28 Apr 2024

The Norwich Amiga Group will commandeer some of our screens to showcase their fantastic consoles and games, and it's open to anyone so come along if you're interested!

(Café will be open for regular business for the duration of the meetup)

24-hour Charity Livestream!

2 May 2024

We're hosting The Benjamin Foundation's 'Gaming4Good' charity livestream! You can support the charity by watching LIVE on our Twitch channel!

Critical Cocktails! Gaming Cocktail Night

11 May 2024

Join us for the evening with a wide selection of custom made cocktails, available on this night only! Your ticket enables you to play games for the whole evening, and includes the price of your first drink, of your choice!

BeyBlade X Demo Day & Tournament

25 May 2024

We've partnered up with Norfolk Beyblade to celebrate the release of the newest line of Beyblade's and support its competitive community! Join us for free-play with the newest Beyblade's and a tournament at 2pm!

Video Gaming Quiz!

8 Jun 2024

Welcome to the Albion Game Cafe's Video Game Quiz Night!

Gather your fellow gamer friends and join us for an evening of fun, and prove yourselves the most well seasoned gamers of the group!

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