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Upcoming Events

One Stock Left Gaming4Good Edition: Charity Smash Bros Tournament!

15 Jun 2024

It's time for another edition of our regular Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament!

Just £6 to enter this tournament and allows free play of Smash from 5pm onwards. What's not to love?

Fortnite Festival

22 Jun 2024

Welcome to our newest event, the FORTNITE FESTIVAL! A casual Fortnite tournament suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Enter for a one hour period and try to earn the highest amount of points possible within your time limit. The highest earning points scorer for the day will win our grand prize!

Pokemon Trainers and Traders Thursdays

27 Jun 2024

Come down and meet the local Pokémon community for both the trading card game and digital games, where you can trade, train, and battle it out to your hearts content!

This event is supported by Into The Poké-Abyss for all things trading cards, and by Professor Kai for the digital games.

Nintendo Norwich Community Meet

28 Jun 2024

Nintendo Norwich's regular community group meet! Come and find your local Nintendo community group, free to attend with any café purchase!

One Night Left: Rising! UNI2 & GBVSR tournament

29 Jun 2024

Oh, we weren't finished with our big fighting game event lineups, this time it's one for the Anime enjoyers!

One Night Left: Rising is an Under Night In-birth II [Sys: Celes] and Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising tournament taking place on Saturday 29th June!

BIG One Round Left! SF6, T8 & GGS Tournament

6 Jul 2024

BIG One Round Left is a Street Fighter, Tekken 8 and Guilty Gear: Strive tournament taking place this summer featuring a 24-cap tournament for all 3 of the listed fighting game titles

Norwich Amiga Group Monthly Meetup

6 Aug 2024

The Norwich Amiga Group will commandeer some of our screens to showcase their fantastic consoles and games, and it's open to anyone so come along if you're interested!

(Café will be open for regular business for the duration of the meetup)

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